April 10, 2014

Web Design

WordPress Websites

eDividend – The Official Online Magazine of the Carson College of Business

Working with the Executive Editor/Senior Marketing and Promotions Coordinator, Sue McMurray, I built out the March 2016 online edition of eDividend.



Carson College of Business – Washington State University

While working for the Carson College of Business at Washington State University, I was tasked to help maintain the main website, business.wsu.edu, which utilizes WordPress, by consistently adding content and making content updates/changes.

Along with changes/updates made across the entire site, the following pages are pages I created for Senior Designers and Carson College of Business Faculty members:

Wine Business Management Page


Senior Living Management Page


Hoops Institute of Taxation Research & Policy


More Carson College of Business Pages I built:

Devon Meister EMBA Profile

SURCA 2015

Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Hospitality Services Heat Up…

Lance Hope Productions

This website was designed for Lance Hope Productions, a video production company which focuses on Sports Highlight Films for High School Athletes hoping to play at the collegiate level.



HTML/etc. Websites


LacyHope.com was built to display the research done by Lacy Hope to be presented at the National Conference on College Composition and Comunication (CCCC). The page was designed to mimic a twitter user’s page


HTML/CSS/PHP/jQuery Projects

The following are projects of webpages built with my knowledge of coding from scratch. Click on the links & it will open a new tab with that project!


►Basic HTML◄

►Basic HTML & PHP Includes◄


►Image Slicing◄

►jQuery Menu◄

►jQuery Plug in – Change Page Colors◄

►Sprite Menu◄